a win for abortion 

A Loss For Trump 

A party of death will pay the price and so shall we all.  Trump gave us a court that supported life and for that he deserves our appreciation.  The great divide will continue with governors for the most part controlling the vote.  We lost two states and that is not a good sign.  



a way to test for truth 

A Protection Of Life 

A place to start.  Freedom.  Freedom of speech.  Free to speak the truth about life.  Those who restrict speech cannot be trusted. They can’t handle the truth.  They don’t believe in objective truth.  Those who can’t protect life can’t be trusted, period.  Life trumps everything.  Thankyou Donald Trump for three good judges.  


a party of love 

A Freedom 

A pursuit of happiness.  Free to protect speech and beliefs.  A belief that Life, Marriage, and Family must be protected.  The light of one candle in the darkness is like truth penetrating the lie and the hate.  Talk about what you love.  Do you love freedom? Life? It’s not free. It must be protected.  Many gave their life to protect it.