a necessary ingredient 

A Hatred for Trump 

A climate change that can’t be denied.  It’s cold out there and it will take energy to stay warm.  Global warming has been put on hold.  The Keystone XL pipeline now looks like a good idea.  Timing is everything.  Greta is no longer wanted in India.  Where is John Roberts when you really need him?  Can you say unity?  



a promised unity 

A Necessary Divide 

A trial that will identify who must be punished.  The supporters of Trump must be held accountable but first we have to identify them.  An impeachment trial may not unify us but it is hard to stop this hatred for Trump.  It must be passed on to his supporters who love him.  


a post office trailer 

A Pallet of Ballots 

A suspicious missing trailer.  An easy investigation but the U.S. Post Office did not have to explain what happened to their trailer 10R1440.  The FBI did investigate Jesse’s family and all that was reported.  Some of us would like to know what happened to Jesse’s trailer but that would be a threat to our democracy.  Don’t question the results of the election.  It is time to unify and go after Trump supporters.  


a reason for faith 

A Meaning for Life 

A Purpose for religion.  It protects your freedom.  Russia and China had to get rid of it.  Marx knew this.  Today religion needs protection.  Trump is the only one talking about religious freedom.  The Church alone teaches the sanctity of life, marriage, and family.  A civilized society depends on this.  Call it law and order.  Can you say dogma?  


a vote for religion 

A Clear Choice 

A threat to marxism.  The Church is the enemy of communism.  This is clearly demonstrated in Russia and China.  Saul Alinsky with his marxist playbook was able to work with the bishop’s CCHD to fund political action groups like ACORN that have no place to go except to the Democratic Party.  This false charity allows bishops to indirectly support a political party that supports abortion.  Please vote for Trump who supports religious freedom.  


a clear choice 

A Vote for Life 
A reason to believe the future is in our hands.  Our children.  Protect them with a family that includes a father.  Life, marriage, and the family have been protected by the Church.  Today it is religion that needs protection.  Religious freedom is on the ballot.  There is only one candidate talking about it.  Trump.