A Word of God 
A test of your bible. Does it have the word ‘test’?  If not, do you know what you are doing here? You are being tested. From a bible that does contain the word ‘test’, you are being refined, purified, and tested. Those with insight shall understand.  Words have meaning and they can be mistranslated.  

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One thought on “a test 

  1. Oh yes they can be mistranslated. For instance the word men. As in the angels song over the little King that was born that night. ie: “Glory to God in the Highest and peace on earth to men, of good will.” Some books change men to people.Some books say peace on earth on whom His favor rests. We should never have veered from the original “to men of good will””Perhaps with better understanding of the faith in the minds of humanity, we never would have had the terrible wars World War I and world war II. Yes, Vietnam and Korea too, along with so many other ‘Brush Fires Men was taken to mean a human in the Bible. Good will would have been the saving factor, for instance , during WWll, if a Nazi soldier had “good will” he would have been kind to the prisoners at Auschwittz. instead of inflicting unheard of terrors and tortures. They have mauled the pages of God given words in the Bible. “peace on earth to MEN of GOOD WILL” Just my thoughts …

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