A First John 

who bare record to prepare the way.  The Apocalypse is about the first coming, not the second.  Just read it without the churches, Antipas, and Jesus.  You will find what John the Baptist wrote.  A careful reading of Eusebius and Victorinus will show that they were not aware of the churches or Antipas.  There is only one explanation for this.  Their copy did not contain them.  The one written by John the Baptist.  Just search the Bible for the word ‘lamb‘ and you will find John knows the Lamb of God

Watch for more pieces that fit.  Blessed is the one who looks.


4 thoughts on “John the Baptist

  1. Interesting, but we simply cannot see the Apocalypse without the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! (See Rev. 1: 1-3 ; chap. 19: 10…”For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” / Rev. 22: 20) The Futuristic interpretation of Revelation is generally the correct one! And even here we MUST see the Letters to the Churches, chapters 2-3.


      1. The whole NT, and especially the Book of Revelation, must be seen in the genre’s of both the spiritual & literal! But note too how Paul uses Allegory in Gal. 4: 21-31, and here is one of Paul’s most profound polemical Letters!
        I love too both Tertullian and Victorinus! Btw Victorinus was the first Western exegete of the Church, sadly most of his works are lost, and he was martyred probably under Diocletian. Thankfully we have his commentary on Revelation that survives! To God be the Glory!


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